Corporate - MNF Plastic


about us

With the investments it has made since the day it started its production activities and the successful marketing strategies it has followed, MNF Plastik has gained a solid place in the sector in a short time.

We continue our activities in Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone in a total area of 20.000m2, of which 6.000m2 is closed. We specialize in the production of technical profiles and parts with our nearly 40 machine parks. At the same time, we continue to grow as a fully integrated facility by producing our own machines and molds.

With our understanding of quality and our research and development activities, we continue on our way as the most respected company in our sector. Our company; As a result of its young and dynamic structure, its adaptability to technological developments and innovations, and our ability to communicate with different sectors, we continue our investments without slowing down.

We continue to write new stories by adding plastic parts, double color edge bands, handles, medical parts and composite materials to our production life, which we started by producing plastic profiles.


With our research and development activities, it is to create and produce world-class products in accordance with the different demands and needs of our customers, in accordance with world standards.


To continuously increase our product quality by following innovations and developments. In addition, we offer the best service to our customers with our new products.