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Edge Bands

Edge bands, It is one of the products that are frequently needed and used especially in the furniture sector. These products can generally be defined as thin strips and bands made to cover the areas of furniture. Since edge bands are preferred in the furniture industry, their colors and models can often be different from each other.

Thanks to these bands, which can be defined as thin and wooden bands during their production, the furniture is completed visually. Therefore, it is almost mandatory to use wooden bands for furniture or PVC. In addition to being compulsory, these tapes must be used for a beautiful image.

Edge Band Models

Edgeband models It may vary depending on the furniture and situation to be used. In this regard, there are many different edgebanding models such as PVC edgebanding, 3D edgebanding, bottom edgebanding. Among these models, PVC edge bands are among the thinly used and preferred models. These models are models that make a difference in appearance and are different from each other. With these models, which are slightly different from each other in terms of both appearance and handsome construction, a different touch is provided to the furniture.

Since edge bands are very effective in aesthetic appearance, it is generally necessary to produce them carefully. In this way, the best edgebanding is revealed.

Chipboard Edge band

Chipboard edge band In terms of production and texture, it refers to the edge bands made of chipboard material. The furniture is sometimes used in the edge banding in order to adapt to the edge banding of the work done with chipboard. In this way, the furniture is bubanded in the best way. is completed with.

Colors may also be different from each other in the use of chipboard edgebanding. In this color production, as in the texture, the colors suitable for the furniture are selected and a production is made accordingly. .

Furniture Edge Banding

Furniture edge band refers to adhesive wood tapes used to complete the edges of furniture. Its texture and color can be different from each other at any time edge bands It is considered a complementary element to the furniture. There are many kinds of production in edge bands, which have both different models and different colors.

Edge bands are among the bands used first in the furniture industry today. Therefore, especially Furniture edge bands are the bands that are frequently preferred and needed to be used. Thus, a complementary element is produced in the furniture industry.

Wooden Edge Band

Wood edge band , edge bands It refers to the edge bands produced from wood as texture in its production. Since these tapes are used in the furniture industry, the time may be different for schools. In addition, since it is a complementary element to the furniture, it is produced in wooden texture to complete the mobile bow in a beautiful way.

In addition to producing wooden texture, wooden edge bands are produced in different colors in terms of completing the furniture in terms of color. These tapes, which are produced in high quality, are tapes that both complement the furniture and provide a more aesthetic appearance in appearance.

Edge Band Prices

Edge band prices , This is an area of ​​particular interest. Since the models and colors are different from each other in the prices of the edge bands, the prices also usually differ. In addition, prices will also differ depending on what size and what size these bands are.

How is Edge Banding Made?

How to do edge banding the subject is one of the most frequently asked questions. Since these tapes are generally sticky, they are very easy and practical to use. Depending on its shape and model, it is possible to use the furniture as a complementary element by removing it from the adhesives of the edge bands. By purchasing these edge bands, which are both easy to use and stylish in appearance, it is possible to completely complete the furniture and make it more beautiful. Thanks to the edge banding service to be obtained from a correct and high-quality company, the furniture industry will have a fully aesthetic appearance.

Why are Edgebands Used?

Edge bands It can be considered as a complement to furniture in general. For this reason, thanks to these tapes, which are frequently used in the furniture industry, the furniture gains a much different appearance. Even though furniture usually tries to produce light during production, it becomes even more elegant thanks to these edge bands. Thanks to the correct use and the edge bands produced in a quality texture, a practical service is always provided.

Since the edge bands are in different textures and colors, they always make the environment more beautiful. It is also very easy to use and adhesive in a way that anyone can use.

Edge bands are produced in a way that appeals to all tastes thanks to their different colors and models. Today, the furniture industry is always one of the most sought-after industries. But when these sectors are producing, fine details are always the most striking situations. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to use edge bands, which are complementary elements to these fine details.

When choosing, it is important to choose an edge band that is suitable for the texture and color used in furniture production. Thanks to the right choice and the edge band produced with a quality material, the furniture becomes much different. With a nice touch of edgebanding, furniture always becomes more stylish in homes and environments. That’s why too edge bandsthey are very functional products.