30x30mm CLAMP AND 190mm FOOT

Concept Product Types

It makes the walls look decoratively beautiful in homes and workplaces corner profile It also helps to increase the durability of the wall. Corner profile has a very important place in gypsum plaster and gypsum ceiling applications in modern design buildings in terms of preventing damage to the corners and making them look more aesthetic.

Corner profile comes first among the concept products designed in different colors and shapes. It is important to cover the corners with profiles in the construction of walls, partition walls and suspended ceilings. These products, which make the wall look more vertical and angular, also prevent the wall from being damaged by hitting the corners during the transportation of goods. In addition, being in different colors and models helps the rooms to look more stylish in terms of aesthetics. It provides a harmonious appearance with details such as furniture, wall color, door color to be used in the areas to be applied. It contributes to the more modern and spacious look of homes and workplaces.

In addition to galvanized thin steel sheet profiles, aluminum types are among the most preferred models today. There are also models made of plaster and plastic. However, in terms of durability, products made of stainless steel have a much longer life. These profiles can be easily applied to door corners, window edges, beams, ceilings and walls that are not full-framed.

What are Concept Corner Profile Models?

Corner profiles, which have a wide usage area, are designed in different sizes according to the characteristics of the area to be used. It can be adjusted by cutting corner profiles according to its dimensions. 8/3, 10/4, 10/6. 12/4, 15/8 ve 16/10 corner profiles are available. By pre-calculating the wall dimensions to be applied, the profiles can be specially designed in the desired dimensions. Concept corner profile among the models, there are spotted, gold and rose profiles. Corner profiles used for decorative purposes on columns and beams are embroidered. For products with a palace concept, you can choose a gold corner profile. Gold details are available in home decoration gold corner profile you can achieve the desired harmony by using. In addition to gold color, there are also silver and different color options.

While classical models are suitable for environments with a simple decoration, brightly colored and embroidered profiles can be used for more ostentatious environments. The speckled and rose-shaped models provide a very elegant appearance. These products, which are an ideal option for those who want to redecorate their homes, provide a harmonious look with walls, ceilings and doors. These products, which are used both to provide a visual appearance from a decorative point of view and to protect the wall corners, can be easily installed in the desired area. It can be mounted in a short time using silicone adhesive or with the help of a nail gun.

Corner Profile Types

Aluminum Corner Profile

Especially necessary for exterior applications of buildings aluminum corner profile It is used to prevent corrosion of areas exposed to adverse weather conditions such as wind, sun and rain. These products, which provide maximum durability by preventing abrasion and cracking on the wall corners, are suitable for 90-degree corners. The aluminum corner profile, known as the open corner profile, is attached to the wall using cement. These L-shaped profiles are used in places with right angles. Aluminum brackets are needed in kitchens, exteriors, balconies, architectural structures, industrial areas, and the basic skeleton system of buildings. In addition, meshed corner profiles can be preferred in order to increase the durability of the door and window corners used on exterior facades. These profiles, which have specially adjusted dimensions and weight, have an important place in exterior sheathing systems.

Rose Corner Profile

Using aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized thin steel sheet wire rose corner profile on the other hand, it is mostly used in the interior areas of buildings. Rose-shaped corner profiles, which are preferred in areas such as homes and workplaces, hotels and restaurants, have an important decorative place. The rose-shaped corner profiles, which have a very aesthetic stance, protect the wall corners and at the same time harmonize with the environment. It can be easily applied to corners with narrower and wider angles than 90 degrees.

Gold Corner Profile

It is generally preferred by those who want to keep the palace concept alive in their homes and workplaces gold corner profile you can provide a more flashy decoration with. It gives a different atmosphere to the used environment with its elegant stance. These profiles, preferred by seven people in gold color, can be used on room walls, suspended ceilings, beams, corridor wall corners, kitchens and bathrooms. There are models in gold color with and without patterns.

Corner Profile Prices

You can prevent the cracking and growth of the walls with the corner profiles with different ventilation, which are to be used on the interior and exterior of the buildings. In addition to the profiles used on exteriors to prevent adverse weather conditions from passing through the opposite wall, you can choose profiles that provide a more aesthetic appearance and stylish appearance in interior spaces. It prevents the breaking or cracking of the wall by hitting the wall corners while carrying the items in the houses. It is also preferred in suspended ceiling applications. The corner profile, which can be adjusted by cutting in accordance with the corner size to be applied, can be easily mounted.

The first method in corner profile mounting is to place the profile in the corner with the use of a compressor nail gun. Another method that can be applied in corner profile mounts is the fast drying silicone treatment under the profile. Siliconlup flock hangs. To prevent the profile from falling off the wall until the silicone dries, the tape is adhered and waited for a while. After the silicone dries and make sure that the profile sticks to the wall, remove it from the tape. The use and assembly process is quick and easy. Thanks to us, which offers a wide range of products you have, you can easily find corner profile items with the features you are looking for. You can also obtain forearm lapel and foot production, which has an important place in the construction sector, from here. These products for which you can have quite favorable restrictions 1. class quality. You can examine the corner profile types on our page that you may need no maintenance and repair for many years.