5x4mm Radius

6x2mm Radius

7x7mm Profile

7x9mm Profile

8x2mm Profile

8x3mm Radius Decorative

10x3mm Profile

10x4mm Profile Flower

10x4mm Profile

10x6mm Profile

10x6mm Flat Profile

12x4mm Profile Romantic

13x8mm Profile Carina

13x10mm Radius Decorative

15x3mm PROFİLE

15x8mm Flat Decorative

15x8mm Burma Profile

15x8mm Radius

16x10mm Romance

16x16mm Radius L Decorative

18x3mm Profile

18x6mm Profile Radius

18x8mm Triangle Decorative

18x10mm Radius Decorative

18x12mm Radius Decorative

20x4mm Flat Decorative

20x6mm Radius

20x6mm Profile

20x8mm L Decorative

20x8mm Decorative

20x10mm Notched Decorative

20x10mm Mrt Decorative

20x10mm Belissa

22x2mm Profile

23x11mm Profile Triangle

20x10mm Baroque

25x8 Curved Decorative

29x2mm Profile

29x3mm Profile Channel

30x5mm Double Boom Waist

30x6mm Curved Decorative

30x8mm Curved Decorative

30x30mm Retro Flap

33x5 Radius Decorative

38x30mm Vels

40x3mm Profile

44x8mm Radius Decorative

45x6mm BomBel Decorative

45x8 Radius Decorative

47x8mm Radius Decorative

48x11mm profile triangle

50x9mm Profile

60x6mm Talia

60x6 Retro Blinds

60x6mm Radius Decorative

73x6mm Blinds

75x3mm Flat Decorative

75x3mm Blinds Decorative

77x6mm Blinds

90x5mm Vels

102x6mm Blinds

118x6mm Blinds

Welcome to the world of decorative corner profiles, where aesthetics and function meet perfectly! Every corner has a story and we bring this story to life with our aesthetic touches. We add a unique character to your spaces with our original designs that closely follow the trends.

Decorative profile varieties make a special contribution to living spaces in terms of design. It has profiles that are produced with care and have different designs. It is preferred with its wide usage areas. These products are suitable for use in different areas from walls to furniture. It appeals to those who want to achieve a stylish image. These profiles, which allow to increase the service life of the applied surface as well as creating an aesthetic appearance, are available in different sizes.

What are Decorative Corner Profile Models?

Here is the list of models:

  • Straight Corner Profile
  • Embossed Corner Profile
  • Classic and Antique Corner Profile
  • Modern and Geometric Corner Profile
  • Flexible Corner Profile
  • Led Illuminated Corner Profile

Decorative profile corner profiles have been produced to create a sharp line at the corners among the varieties. It is used in walls, stairs and similar areas. These products, which are preferred to create sharp corners on ceiling and wall corners, are important in a decorative sense. It is generally preferred in the corners of walls and columns during its application. In addition, it can be applied in different areas where needed. In addition to its aesthetic effect, it also helps to prevent impact and possible damage. Thanks to its durable material quality, it has a long service life. It is also among the indispensable applications in the construction of plasterboard walls. These profiles are also preferred in order to have a smooth, uniform and sharp appearance on the surface.

For decorative profile types that are easy to apply, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points during use. It should be applied to a flat and dry surface. Otherwise, the adhesive property may not show its full effect. Although it is possible to apply it for open exterior areas, care should be taken to apply it to interior areas in order to obtain high strength. Not recommended for use in wet and humid areas. The decorative profile, on the other hand, overcomes these problems when it is coated. If attention is paid to these points, it is possible to use decorative corner profiles.

Decorative corner profile models are available in different designs and lengths. These profiles, which are produced as plastic profiles, are coated with gold, chrome and bronze. In this way, an aesthetically striking appearance is obtained. It is not only impressive in terms of appearance, but also increases the duration of use. Since MDF is basically produced from wood, it is far from showing high resistance against various factors. Therefore, corner profiles are produced with MNF profile produced with advanced plastic technology. Thanks to the double-sided tape included in the products, the application can be made immediately. By using corner profiles not only for ceiling or wall corners, but also on the floor, living spaces can be made decent and functional.

MNF Plastic Decorative Profile Products: The Perfect Harmony of Aesthetics and Functionality

MNF Plastic - Decorative Profiles

MNF Plastik’s decorative profile products offer a perfect solution in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Produced from quality materials, these profiles take your home and workplace decoration to the next level. Thanks to their durable and long-lasting structures, MNF Plastic decorative profiles, which do not compromise on their elegance for years, appeal to every taste with different design and color options.

These profiles, which offer time and labor savings with their ergonomic designs that provide ease of installation, also draw attention with their user-friendly structures. MNF Plastik continues to produce high quality and aesthetic products by prioritizing customer satisfaction. If you want to create a warm, modern and elegant atmosphere in your interiors, choose MNF Plastic decorative profiles and feel the difference! For the most practical solutions, you can contact us from our contact page!

Decorative Furniture Profiles

Decorative profile models It is preferred in the field of furniture with the high benefits it offers. It is also used to provide aesthetic details in the production of furniture. These preferred profiles do not create an extra load on the furniture with their light structure. In this way, it offers extremely easy and functional use. In general, MDF can be preferred when profiles will be used in furniture. On the other hand, it is possible to encounter various problems due to the structure of the material. Coatings for MDF do not give the desired result, and at the same time, different problems may occur due to the material itself. MNF, the high-tech plastic profile, is produced with gold, chrome, bronze and wood coating. Especially since wood veneer can be made, an ideal profile is created for furniture. This profile, which is economically advantageous compared to other materials, provides important contributions to the furniture production and design process.

Decorative Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum profile types also stand out as products that are widely used. These profiles, which have a wide usage area, are widely preferred from construction to the production of various vehicles. You can use these profiles, which are preferred with their durable and light structure, in many places. furniture frame; Aluminum profiles are used in areas such as handle, F-lath, handle closure, plinth, door, composite applications, sliding systems, cladding, mechanism or decorative. These profiles, which function as long-lasting in the area where they are used thanks to their durable structures, provide advantages for their users with their easy-to-application structures. The fact that it is available in different sizes and dimensions also gives you the opportunity to choose the right part according to the usage needs.

Decorative Border Profiles

Decorative profile border profiles, which are in demand among its varieties, are produced from high-tech plastic with gold, chrome and bronze coating. These profiles, which are designed to provide a high quality aesthetic appearance in tile and ceramic spaces, are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. Thanks to its easy-to-apply structure, it can easily give aesthetic details to the area. Thanks to its high quality coating, it is ideal for long-lasting use. The use of border profiles is especially for creating an aesthetic effect between wall ceramic surfaces. It can be easily used indoors as well as outdoors. In addition to its decorative effect, it also helps living spaces become functional with the protection it provides against water. It is preferred to fill the gap between the floor and the wall, as well as to eliminate the errors that occur during the application. Errors in ceramic and tile applications are easily corrected with a decorative profile. By preventing the flow of liquid, it also increases hygiene.

Decorative Metal Profiles

Decorative metal profiles help both to create an aesthetic effect in the application area and to make the area sheltered. It is used in areas such as construction, furniture and industry. Thanks to the different sizes and lengths, it is easy to choose from among the products. These profiles, which are used to provide durability in construction works, to create an aesthetic effect and to cover surfaces, provide high strength. Since it is suitable for use in different areas, it is easily preferred in indoor and outdoor applications.

The important feature for the profiles offered by MNF Plastik is that the profiles are presented as gold, chrome, bronze or wood coating. Gold, chrome and bronze coatings for plastic profiles give excellent results. It is also preferred due to its affordable price. Offered in terms of superiority against moisture resistance and breaking strength decorative profileyou can choose from a variety!


Understanding the value of each corner is in the details. We set out with this philosophy and we keep this essence alive in every product. Rediscover your spaces with Decorative Corner Profile, bring your living spaces together with your style. Now you are at the address of those looking for a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Our rich collection offers diversity to suit the needs of modern life. We offer options for every style with elegant lines, functional details and aesthetic designs that emphasize quality. It is no longer a dream to transform your home or workplace with our products that beautify your spaces not only from the outside but also from the inside. Come on, now complete your spaces in the most beautiful way with our products and reveal your style. Get ready for the magic hidden in the details!