20x18 L HANDLE

40x20 L HANDLE

Handle models, which stand out with their functional structures, give a stylish look to kitchen cabinets. The handle, which is generally used actively in drawer or cabinet sections, can also be considered as a part of concept products. Handle molds are one step ahead of metal and wooden handles in terms of cost due to mass production. You can see different products in the “Handle” category of MNF Plastik, which specializes in the production of technical profiles and parts.

Even with a simple handle change, you can make very effective changes in your kitchens. Choosing a handle is often considered a very difficult decision. However, the fact that the handles are produced from qualified materials guarantees a long-term use to a large extent. In addition, the fact that the material used in the production of handles is easy to clean is among the primary reasons for preference. The handle is one of the most touched parts in the kitchen. Therefore, even the simplest fingerprints can be identified. In this sense, it would be beneficial to turn to handle models that do not stain easily and can be cleaned practically.

Whichever way you choose the handle, you can be sure that it will create magical touches in your living spaces. The handles, which give your kitchen a special look, are used in many types of furniture. Handles are basically materials that function to open and close drawers or doors. But today, the diversity of these products has enabled them to take an active role in decoration. In this context, when choosing a handle, you can add a depth to your living spaces by combining its functional aspect with elegance. You can reach the handle models, which stand out with their robust and aesthetic structures, with the difference of MNF Plastik.

Handle Models

When it comes to handle models, it is possible to talk about a very wide selection pool. Many types of handles are actively used, from porcelain handles to chrome handles. Handle profiles essentially refer to materials that allow doors or drawers to be opened and closed more easily. Regardless of the handle models, their functionality and purpose of use are common. Handle models vary in color, material structure and size.

The handle models, which bring flexibility and ease of movement to the kitchen cabinets, are easily mounted in accordance with the dimensions. Depending on the purpose of use, different structures can be mentioned in the long handle models. U closure length handles, C handle profiles, G handle profiles can be shown among examples in this sense. These types can be distinguished from each other in terms of ease of grip and grip style. Handles made of quality materials are resistant to impacts.

Porcelain handle types, on the other hand, have special processing and do not cause easy wear. The handles can be bronze, silver, shiny or matte in color. You can freely choose the model and color according to your personal taste. It is possible to create a significant change in your kitchen even by simply changing your old handles. It is possible to create a significant change in your kitchen even by simply changing your old handles. If you do not want your furniture to have an old and worn look, you can replace your old handle models with new and modern designs.

You can make a significant change without having to allocate high budgets for your furniture. Handle replacement is considered an economical solution in this respect. Plastic cabinet handles, aluminum handles, wooden handles, chrome-plated handles are among the most well-known handle models.

Cabinet Handles

The handles can be supplied in different sizes or dimensions for the cabinets. When buying a handle for the cabinet, the ideal model, size and color should be chosen in order to be compatible with the cabinet. The suitability of the cabinet handles with the intended use and usage area reveals both an ergonomic and aesthetic situation.

Handles are usually designed as single or double screw. The harmony of visual proportions between cabinet handles and cabinets, which have suitable options for every budget, is very important. Cabinet handles, which appeal to very different tastes and aesthetic understandings, are actively used in built-in cabinets, kitchen cabinets, shoe cabinets or directly in wardrobes.

Handles, which are among the indispensable parts of the cabinets, increase the functional value of the furniture. In order to make the cabinet handles more durable, chrome parts usually come to the fore. Although it may seem like a small detail, cabinet handles will significantly change the atmosphere of your home. You can give priority to cabinet handles, which are highly resistant to rust, in this respect.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchens are one of the areas where we spend the most time during the day. In this respect, kitchen cabinets can wear out over time due to frequent opening and closing. The aesthetic dimension of the handles to be preferred in kitchen cabinets is generally remarkable. But on the one hand, while choosing a handle that is compatible with your kitchen decoration, on the other hand, you should give priority to products that have the ideal material structure for long-term use.

As a result, kitchens have become an active part of our living space, not just a point where food is prepared today. The handles used in kitchen cabinets may wear out, loosen or break after a certain period of time. Renewing old cabinet handles is an economical decoration solution. Compared to the drawers and cabinet doors in other areas, the cabinets in the kitchens open and close more during the day.

Handle Prices

Handle models that easily make a difference with their elegance and functionality are one of the most effective and cost-effective options for creating change. The prices of the handles used in furniture generally vary according to the models. The quality of the material used in the models, the design form of the product, its size, area of ​​use, etc. has an effect on the price.

In order to reach the most up-to-date price options, you can contact MNF Plastik, which produces in many different areas.